Salisbury University students on campus

Project Timeline

Scope of Work:

PHASE I: Preparing the campus for the involvement of the project.

PHASE II: Developing the campus-wide assessment, marketing and communication plan.

PHASE III: Survey implementation and data analysis.

PHASE IV: Development of report and sharing the results with the SU community.

PHASE V: Development of strategic initiatives based on campus climate study results.

Semester Timeline

Spring 2019

  • Rankin & Associates selected to conduct SU Campus Climate Study.

Fall 2019

  • SU Campus Climate Study Working Group (CCSWG) convened.
  • SU Campus Climate Study kick-off meetings conducted.
  • President’s letter to SU community announcing Campus Climate Study project.
  • SU Campus Climate Study focus groups conducted.

Spring 2020

  • SU Campus Climate Study survey sent to all students, faculty and staff.

Fall 2020

  • Reporting of SU Campus Climate Study results.
  • Development and implementation of strategic action plan.