2018-19 Faculty Senators

President: Chrys Egan
Vice President: Jennifer Jewell
Secretary: Alexander Pope
Webmaster: Christy Harper

Senator Department Term Email Rep.
Kathleen Shannon MATH/COSC 18-21 KMSHANNON At-Large
David Rieck CHEM 18-19 DFRIECK At-Large
Stephen Adams MGMT/MKTG 16-19 SBADAMS At-Large
Randall Cone MATH/COSC 18-21 RECONE At-Large
Emily Story HIST 17-20 EFSTORY At-Large
Chrys Egan CMAT 17-20 CNEGAN At-Large
Deneen Long-White HHS 18-21 DNLONG-WHITE CHHS
Jennifer Jewell SOWK 17-20 JRJEWELL CHHS
Adam Wood ENGL 18-19 AHWOOD Fulton
Christopher Vilmar ENGL 17-19 CSVILMAR Fulton
Aaron Hogue BIOL 17-20 ASHOGUE Henson
Anita Brown CHEM 16-19 ARBROWN Henson
James Parrigin LIBR 18-21 JLPARRIGIN Library
Jennifer Martin LIBR 18-20 JMMARTIN Library
Charles Boster ACCT 18-21 CRBOSTER Perdue
Christy Harper* ELGS 18-19 CBHARPER Perdue
Konstantine Kyriacopoulos EDUC 18-21 KAKYRIACOPOULOS Seidel
Alexander Pope EDSP 17-19 AXPOPE Seidel

(* No unit nominee, elected at-large)

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