Sammy’s Stash, A Secondhand Shop

Opening Fall Semester - Monday August 26

Sammy’s Stash was created in response to students’ essential needs and reduce the University’s environmental impact. Sammy’s Stash is an expansion off the Give & Go Donation Program, which started in May of 2022. This Strategic Innovation Fund Program supports the University’s commitment to the Seven Goals and Strategic Plan. Sammy’s Stash promotes economic, environmental, and social sustainability while supporting the initiatives of inclusion, affordability, and equity to all.

The purpose of Sammy’s Stash is:

  1. To inspire a campus culture of inclusive, excellence support and collaboration
  2. Support access to affordability and academic excellence
  3. Enhance economic, environmental and social sustainability
  4. Invest in the people
  5. Continual commitment to inclusion and equity
  6. Provide resources needed to support SU’s community
  7. Strengthen the identity and reputation of SU

Store Location 

Sammy’s Stash is located at Dogwood Unit J, Room #9 and #10 [Map]

Schedule an Appointment

Shop Rules:

  1. Appointments are for individuals, not for group shopping. You can only sign up for one appointment at a time. If you sign up for more than one slot, the later appointments will be canceled.
  2. Must bring your own bags, boxes and transportation
  3. Items will not be delivered to you
  4. Take only what you need
  5. Sammy’s Stash reserves the right to limit quantities of any and all items.
  6. To be eligible for services you must be a current SU student or employee

Donation Drop-Off

Residential students can drop off donated items directly in their residence hall collection bins near the RA station when the Give & Go program is running. Donations can be dropped off at the donation station located outside Sammy's Stash at any time for SU students and employees. If you have an item that does not fit into the donation station or large quantity, please make an appointment.

Accepted Items

Unaccepted Items

Contact us at for more information or questions!