Group of SU employees at professional development event

Professional Development

Human Resources is committed to supporting the training, professional development and wellness needs of Salisbury University staff at all levels. Our initiatives, programs and resources are designed to cultivate learning, provide tools to expand professional growth, and foster an engaged and inclusive campus culture while meeting the strategic goals of Salisbury University.

The role of staff employees is to pursue growth by:

  • Taking an active role in their development.
  • Participating in regular meetings with their supervisor to discuss performance feedback.
  • Creating professional development plans with their supervisors to acquire or enhance skills, take on new responsibilities, and prepare for future opportunities.

The role of management is to support staff development by:

  • Providing ongoing training needed for current and newly assigned responsibilities.
  • Creating opportunities for job and career growth.
  • Providing candid and timely feedback on performance.
  • Encouraging staff to learn and grow throughout their careers and to pursue professional goals.
  • Supporting education and training opportunities to enhance an individual's job performance and growth capacity, even beyond their current position.
  • Publicizing job opportunities so that employees can pursue positions they believe will advance their development.