Workplace Accommodations

Salisbury University (SU) values diversity and is committed to creating and maintaining a welcoming and inclusive environment for people of all abilities. SU follows all state and federal laws and regulations, including the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA), the ADA Amendment Act of 2008, and all other federal and state laws and regulations prohibiting discrimination on the basis of disability

The University is committed to the principle that no qualified individual with a disability shall, on the basis of disability, be excluded from participation in or be denied the benefits of the services, programs, or activities of the University, or be subjected to discrimination. The University provides reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals. Reasonable accommodations shall be made in a timely manner and on an individualized and flexible case-by-case basis through an interactive process. Discrimination against individuals on the grounds of disability is prohibited. The University also strictly prohibits retaliation against persons arising in connection with the assertion of rights under this Policy.

See: VI-1.00 Policy on Non-Discrimination and Equal Opportunity

Procedure to Request an Accommodation

The responsibility for initiating a request for accommodation lies with the employee with a disability, regardless of title, salary grade, bargaining unit, employment status or classification, and may be requested at any time. Every employee making a request for reasonable accommodation must provide sufficient documentation to support the request. Submitted documentation must be from an appropriate, qualified professional. In accordance with federal and state regulation, the University will treat disability-related information in a confidential manner.

It is the responsibility of the Office of Human Resources (OHR) to determine reasonable accommodations for faculty and staff. Supervisors, Chairs, or Unit Heads do not have authority to approve employee requests for reasonable accommodation. As necessary, OHR may consult with the Office of Institutional Equity or other appropriate university officials regarding the determination of eligibility and the accommodation request(s). OHR is responsible for documenting approved accommodations in an Accommodation Plan. A record of the Accommodation Plan shall be retained in the employee’s personnel file. All supporting disability documentation shall be kept confidential and maintained by OHR separately from the employee’s other personnel records.

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