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Welcome to Post-Award, where the focus is on managing grant funds, fulfilling the sponsor's requirements, and closing out grants. When you receive an award, you'll be assigned to a grant manager, either Vanessa Collins ( | 410-543-6384) or Haleigh LaChance ( | 410-677-5485).

Grant Set-Up Meeting

The first step after receiving an award is a grant set-up meeting with the Office of Sponsored Programs, especially if this is your first award. At this point, you'll be assigned to a grant manager and given your grant account number. This is a good time to go over the approved budget with your grant manager, to discuss how expenditures will be made, and any modifications made to the awarded budget.

Account Set-Up

When an award is received, your grant manager will work with Accounting to set up a new account in PeopleSoft. As grants are considered 'restricted funds,' this account ensures that your award dollars are easily identifiable, separate from any operating funds, and are trackable for financial reporting and audits.

You'll receive an account number to use for all purchases, expenditures, and hiring contracts. You'll also receive from Accounting a Budget Authorization Form, to identify who has signing authority on the account.

Expectations of PI and OSP

See the Roles & Responsibilities chart for a detailed breakdown of responsibilities between the Principal Investigator (PI) and the Office of Sponsored Programs.