2019 Posters on the Bay

Salisbury University Student Research Luncheon at the Maryland General Assembly

  • Thursday, January 17, 2019
  • Noon-2 p.m.

6 Bladen Street, Annapolis, MD 21801
Lowe House Office Building
Rooms 170 & 180

Salisbury University Student Presents at Posters on the Bay

Posters on the Bay 2019

Over 15 Salisbury University students shared their undergraduate research with members of the Maryland General Assembly during “Posters on the Bay.”

Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity Staff

  • Dr. Clifton Griffin - Dean of Graduate Studies and Research
  • Dr. Jessica Clark - Co-Director of OURCA
  • Dr. Chrys Egan - Co-Director of OURCA

  • Zachery Radziewicz - Graduate Assistant

Featured Undergraduate Presenters

Abiodun Adeoye
  • Prince George’s County, MD
  • Life After Slavery: African American History on the Eastern Shore of Maryland after the Civil War
  • Major(s)/Minor(s): History, Political Science / European Studies
Marianna Agazio
  • Howard County, MD
  • Suspicious Minds: Growing Evidentiary-Skepticism During Mid-Seventeenth Century English Witch Trials
  • Major(s)/Minor(s): History
Karsin Bachrin
  • Harford County, MD
  • Feeding and Pupation Ecology of Frosted Elfin Caterpillars
  • Major(s)/Minor(s): Biology
Kacie Cassar
  • Montgomery County, PA
  • Delmarva Crabbing: A Globalized Industry or Starting from Scratch: The Poultry Industry on the Eastern Shore
  • Major(s)/Minor(s): History, Psychology, International Studies / Political Science
Oscar Chatain
  • Versailles, France
  • Optimizing Tissue Plasminogen Activator for Stroke Victims
  • Major(s)/Minor(s): Chemistry - Biochemistry Track
Kayla Davis
  • Anne Arundel County, MD
  • Classroom Strategies for Students with Upper Limb Differences
  • Major(s)/Minor(s): Early Childhood Education / Psychology
Kayra Icard
  • Frederick County, MD
  • The Anglo-Scottish Union in the English East India Company: The Creation of a True British Empire
  • Major(s)/Minor(s): History
Cameron Kane
  • Montgomery County, MD
  • Developing New Accessibility Features Using Deep Learning and Data Generation
  • Major(s)/Minor(s): Computer Science, Interdisciplinary Studies / Math
Morgan Lehmann
  • Frederick County, MD
  • Was the Treasure the Queen’s Only Motivator?
  • Major(s)/Minor(s): History - Secondary Education Track
Carly Leventoff
  • Frederick, MD
  • Electrosynthesis of Alpha-Amino Ketone Drugs
  • Major(s)/Minor(s): Chemistry - Biochemistry Track / Biology
Delany Midash
  • Cecil County, MD
  • Conowingo Must Go: Negative Effects of Sedimentation Build-Up Behind the Conowingo Dam Downstream and Proposal for Dam Removal
  • Major(s)/Minor(s): Environmental Studies / Earth Science, Geographic Information Science
Jessica Pierce
  • Montgomery County, MD
  • Coping with the Effects of Stress on a Molecular Level
  • Major(s)/Minor(s): Psychology, Biology
Lindsey Pinder
  • Queen Anne’s County, MD
  • A 2D and 3D Visualization of the Salisbury University Arboretum for Education, Outreach and Management
  • Major(s)/Minor(s): Earth Science, Geography - Geographic Information Science Track / Psychology
Sepehr Rahimi
  • Paris, France
  • Medica-Bed
  • Major(s)/Minor(s): Biology
Kateria Rodriguez
  • Queen Anne’s County, MD
  • The Dragon’s Forgotten People: Islam and the Politics of Religion in Modern China
  • Major(s)/Minor(s): History / English
Hira Shahbaz
  • Wicomico County, MD
  • Forging Identity Through Prose: An Exploration of Nationalism in the Literary Works of Rabindranath Tagore, Kazi Nazrul Islam, and Bankim Chandra Chatterjee
  • Major(s)/Minor(s): English - Literature Track / South Asian Studies
Alicia Spero
  • Carroll County, MD
  • Look Mom! No Driver!: Necessary Changes to Vehicle Legislation in Light of the Rise of Autonomous Vehicles
  • Major(s)/Minor(s): Political Science (Pre-Law)
Gabriella Voithofer
  • St. Mary’s County, MD
  • Peripheral Nerve Degeneration Following Hyperglycemic - Induction with 120 mM Glucose
  • Major(s)/Minor(s): Biology, Psychology / Chemistry