Salisbury University students on campus

Call For Submission

What is the Conference About?

The SU Student Research Conference, to be held on Friday, April 19, 2024, is a chance for students to share their work with the campus community. Students work with a faculty research mentor to complete their project and submit paperwork to enter their submission. Accepted proposals will be organized into interdisciplinary sessions with common themes. The conference program will be published and available on-line so that the campus community can choose which presentations they would like to attend.

What Constitutes “Research”?

The definition of research that applies to the work presented is broad and covers the spectrum of activities that apply in all disciplines taught at SU. Students may submit projects that include original research as well as term papers, independent inquiries, case or clinical studies, pedagogical research, group projects, creative projects (like poetry, fine art, graphic design) or a music or theatre performance.

How Do I Participate?

  1. Work with a Faculty Research Mentor and Complete a Project

    To submit a project to the conference, students must have a faculty research mentor to advise the project and sign-off on the required preparation. (Faculty mentor’s name, department and email address will be required during the submission process). Faculty mentors and students must verify, according to IRB guidelines, that the student’s project has either received University approval to be conducted or does not need such approval. (Questions regarding IRB approval should be directed to the Institutional Review Board (IRB)/ Committee on Human Research ( IRB website). Students may present the results of their “research” project in either an oral presentation, poster presentation, visual and performing arts presentation, or a roundtable discussion.
  2. Complete the Web Submission Forms

    Please see Submission Guidelines for more detail . Each student may be first author on one project only. Students must complete the online submission forms for their project in two steps. Students must submit their “Intent to Submit” by March 15 at 11:59 pm. Following this, faculty mentor will be contacted via email and must give approval for the student to submit an abstract. An abstract is a brief, but formal, description of the research project that summarizes the project in no more than 300 words. Students must have the faculty mentor review the abstract to ensure the quality of the work. Once approved by the faculty mentor, student must submit an abstract by April 1 at 11:59pm. Note that when you submit an abstract to the conference that, if accepted, you are making a commitment to the conference. Students should be prepared to make a presentation during any of the session hours. Students cannot choose their presentation times. Also, students that are presenting must remain in attendance for the full length of the session to which their presentation is assigned.