Salisbury University students on campus

2024 Posters on the Bay

Salisbury University Student Research Presentation to the Maryland General Assembly

  • Tuesday, February 6, 2024
  • 6:00-7:30 p.m.
  • Governor Calvert House, Annapolis, MD
Posters of the Bay 2024

Students will Present Research to Maryland Representatives at Posters on the Bay 2024

Student researchers from Salisbury University will present their work to Maryland’s elected representatives at the annual Posters on the Bay event in Annapolis, MD. SU students will have a chance to speak with state representatives about issues that matter most to them. The annual presentation is sponsored by SU’s Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity (OURCA), and is an exciting opportunity for students to extend their knowledge beyond the classroom and address needs they see in their communities.

Poster Presentations

Wren Adkins - Wicomico County
Project Title: Synthesis and Characterization of Fe(II) Complexes Exhibiting Temperature Dependent Spin Transition​
Faculty Mentor: Seth Friese


Brian Bowers - Montgomery County, - Bryan Yoder - Anne Arundel County, Mark Schweitzer - Wicomico County, Isaac Dugan - Frederick County, John Meyers - Baltimore County
Project Title:
Faculty Mentor: Sophie Wang


Madison Cuthbert - Montgomery County
Project Title: Government Warnings and Local Knowledge: The Case of the Plymouth Tubing Company Factory
Faculty Mentor: Michael Lewis


Lillian Fooks - Queen Anne’s County
Project Title: It is a Bird Eat Bird World: Potential Differences in Diets of Red vs Grey Eastern Screech Owls (Megascops asio)
Faculty Mentor: Eric Liebgold


Siddharth Ghosh - Wicomico County
Project Title: Effects of Aircraft Produced Sonic Booms on Marine Life
Faculty Mentor: Noah Bressman


Stefani Lanahan - Dorchester County
Project Title: Determining the Relationship Between Shape and Charge in Electrospray Ionization
Faculty Mentor: David Kiefer


Dominick Lepke - Baltimore County
Project Title: Project Decentralized Reporting Standards
Faculty Mentor: David P. Weber


LaMaree James - Prince George’s County, Stephora Cesar Alberi - Wicomico County, Andersen Herman - Wicomico County
Project Title: Road Safety on the West Side of Salisbury
Faculty Mentor: Ryan Weaver


Sydney Jett - Anne Arundel County
Project Title: Skinniness and Success: The Media’s Promotion of Body Image and Behavior Associations in Women
Faculty Mentor: Viktoria Basham


Makenzie Kennedy - Cecil County, Richard Brown - Wicomico County, Peyton Rayne - Wicomico County, Hannah Bertholdt - Carroll County
Project Title: Forget-Me-Nots
Faculty Mentor: Ryan Weaver


Logan Lankford - Somerset County
Project Title: Post Pandemic Innovations: Closing the Gap in Children’s Social-Emotional Learning Through Creative Arts
Faculty Mentor: Viktoria Basham


Lian Peach - York County, Pennsylvania,, Abigail Potter - Carroll County, Margaret Atherton - Penobscot County, Maine
Project Title: Presidential Citizen Scholars: Period Power
Faculty Mentor: Ryan Weaver


Abigail Potter - Carroll County
Project Title: Contraceptive Access in Lower Eastern Shore MD
Faculty Mentor: Brandye Nobiling


Nero Schrader - Fairfax County, Virginia
Project Title: Homeless Job Fair
Faculty Mentor: Ryan Weaver


Jane Simoncic - Anne Arundel County
Project Title: The effects of Lavendustin-A on peripheral nerve degeneration in hyperglycemic zebrafish (Danio rerio)
Faculty Mentor: Jessica Clark


Emma Tarquinio - Frederick County, Bryce Machalek - Montgomery County, Charles Laird - Somerset County
Project Title: Bioremediation of Urban Runoff at BISM
Faculty Mentor: Ryan Weaver


Veronica Velarde - Montgomery County
Project Title: Influential Factors of Physical Activity: A Comparison of Three Different Universities.
Faculty Mentor: Susannah Taylor


Jarrett Walton - Carroll County
Project Title: Policies of the Tudor Court: The Change and Development in Policy Under Henry VII and Henry VIII from 1500-1532
Faculty Mentor: Kristen Walton


Elizabeth A. Wash - Charles County, Hayden Davis - Kent County, River Myer - Carroll County,
Project Title: Accessible Public Restroom in Downtown Salisbury
Faculty Mentor: Ryan Weaver


Daniel Whiddon - Howard County, Aslynn Gorkos - Baltimore City, Aidan Stanislavsky - Wicomico County, Joshua Adey - Baltimore County
Project Title: Flag Football in West Salisbury
Faculty Mentor: Ryan Weaver


Luke Zolenski - Worcester County
Project Title: Visualization of Sound
Faculty Mentor: Don Spickler


Sean Zupnik - Frederick County
Project Title: Effects of Blood Flow Restrictive Bicep Curl Exercise on Arterial Stiffness
Faculty Mentor: Timothy Werner