Salisbury University students on campus

2023 Posters on the Bay

Salisbury University Student Research Presentation to the Maryland General Assembly

  • Thursday, February 23rd, 2023
  • 5:30-7:00 p.m.
  • Governor Calvert House, Annapolis, MD
Salisbury University Student Presents at Posters on the Bay Group Photo

Students Present Research to Maryland Representatives at Posters on the Bay 2023

Student researchers from Salisbury University presented their work to Maryland’s elected representatives and surprise guest Governor Wes Moore at the annual Posters on the Bay event in Annapolis, MD. With topics ranging from aiding the youth homelessness crisis to addressing LGBTQIA+ discrimination, SU students had a chance to speak with state representatives about issues that matter most to them. The annual presentation is sponsored by SU’s Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity (OURCA), and is an exciting opportunity for students to extend their knowledge beyond the classroom and address needs they see in their communities.

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Poster Presentations 

Madyson AmoJefferson County, New York, Abigail Walsh – Harford County
Project Title:
Volunteerism at the Newton Street Community Center
Faculty Mentor:
Ryan Weaver


Emmanuela Angu –  Wicomico County, Stefani Lanahan – Dorchester County, Danielle Olenchak – Westchester County, New York,  Min Thway Khant – Wicomico County
Project Title: Targeting cancer-associated proteins for tumor imaging
Faculty Mentor: Joshua Sokoloski


Connor Bean – Anne Arundel County, Bradley Cruikshank – Caroline County
Project Title: The Combinatorics Of A Small Family Of Odd Symplectic Partial Flag Manifolds
Faculty Mentor: Ryan Shifler


Lydia Bradshaw – Wicomico County
Project Title: Does Visitor Behavior Effect Animal Behavior within Zoos?
Faculty Mentor: Mary Gunther


Dre‘ von Clark –  Wicomico County, Amanda Niederland – Kent County, Jaedyn Messer  - Montgomery County
Project Title: The Continuing Efforts to Redress Government Discrimination Toward the LGBTQ+ Community: Imprint of the Lavender Scare
Faculty Mentor: Rachel Steele


Tiah Coates – Prince George’s County
Project Title: Does Maryland’s local government funding for mental health service reflect systemic bias against the population?
Faculty Mentor: Andrea Presotto


Ryan Devine – Cape May County, New Jersey 
Project Title: Aiding the Youth Homelessness Crisis Through Community Action 
Faculty Mentor: Ryan Weaver


Jenna Feinauer –   Montgomery County
Project Title: Zero Waste at the Maryland Folk Festival
Faculty Mentor: Sarah Surak


Jake M. Goodman – Montgomery County
Project Title: The Intersectionality of Environmental Conflict and Disability in Maryland, Other States, and Abroad
Faculty Mentor: Brittant Foutz


Eliza Hurd – Cecil County
Project Title: Analyzing the Efficacy of Public School Mental Health Systems
Faculty Mentor: Sherry Maykrantz


Maria Kaschak – Howard County
Project Title: New Insights on the Fecundity of the Blue Catfish, Ictalurus furcatus, Brings About a New Understanding of this Invasive Species
Faculty Mentor: Noah Bressman


Francis Lopez Chilel– Wicomico County
Project Title: Effects of Northern Snakehead (Channa argus) mucus and scales on terrestrial friction
Faculty Mentor: Noah Bressman


Kellan McAleer – Howard County
Project Title: The Lack of Financial Literacy of Americans and the impact on the US Economy
Faculty Mentor: Ani Mathers


Carly Nascimbeni – Worcester County
Project Title: Ethics Education Combats Epistemic Injustice in Prison
Faculty Mentor: Timothy Stock


Samantha Peters – Tolland County, Connecticut
Project Title: Trace Metal Concentration of Sediment in Two Chesapeake Bay Tributaries, Wicomico and Nanticoke Rivers
Faculty Mentor: Katherine Miller


Evan Polkinghorn – Wicomico County, Andrew Wilson – Wicomico County,
Project Title: A Comprehensive Public Transportation Survey of the Delmarva Peninsula
Faculty Mentor: Ryan Weaver 


Rebecca Pritt – Harford County
Project Title: Exodus: Sex-specific movements of endangered Spotted Turtles (Clemmys guttata) leaving  breeding ponds and their terrestrial activity
Faculty Mentor: Eric Liebgold


Zobia Rani– Wicomico County, Ann Thomas – Wicomico County
Project Title: Using Chemistry to Find Better Solutions for Available MRI Contrast Agents
Faculty Mentor: Seth Friese


Sean Roesener–  Harford  County
Project Title: Rhabdomyolysis in the NCAA
Faculty Mentor: Sherry Maykrantz


Luke Zolenski –  Worcester County
Project Title: Creating... Creating...
Faculty Mentor: Donald Spickler