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The Office of Cultural Affairs

Cultural Affairs presents a full calendar of events including dance, films and musical performances, all designed to complement the University's academic offerings. Through this community outreach it provides for a more vibrant cultural community.

Upcoming events:

Yasser Elshayeb

Wednesday, September 26
Lecture: New Discovery of the Pyramids with Yasser Elshayeb

The Intersection of Arts & Sciences
Wednesday, September 26
Holloway Hall, Great Hall, 7 p.m.

Egypt’s Great Pyramid of Giza contains a hidden void at least a hundred feet long. Despite being one of the oldest and largest monuments on Earth, there is no consensus about how it was built. To better understand its internal structure, the pyramid was imaged using muons, which are by-products of cosmic rays that are only partially absorbed by stone. These results constitute a breakthrough for the understanding of Khufu’s Pyramid and its internal structure. These findings show how modern particle physics can shed new light on the world’s archaeological heritage.

Sponsored by World Artists Experiences, Inc. and the Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt, Washington, D.C.

meditation classes

Monday, October 1
Meditation Classes

The Intersection of Arts & Sciences
Mondays: 10/1,  10/8,  10/15
Holloway Hall, Great Hall, 5 p.m.

Led by Monika Lupean, explore several different types of meditation. Practicing meditation has been proven to help with relaxation, inner peace, stress reduction and fatigue. When combined with conventional medicine, meditation also can improve physical and mental health.

Eduardo Guerrero

Thursday, October 4
Compania Flamenca Eduardo Guerrero:
Flamenco Passion

Holloway Hall Auditorium, 7 p.m.

Guerrero, critically acclaimed flamenco dancer and choreographer, uses his eclectic style, combining classical and contemporary Spanish dance, ballet and contortion to express the depth of passion and skill exhibited in the many styles of this beloved, Spanish art form. This group of elite artists captivates audiences as they convey all of the different feelings of this temperamental and passionate dance.