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Success Coaching

Success Coaching is an alliance between the student and the coach, who work together to discover who the student is and how they can be academically successful. The success coaches consist of professionals and graduate assistants, who are trained to help you develop and implement study strategies in order to reach your academic goals. This service is free for all currently enrolled SU students!

Success Coaches meet with you individually, and can work with you on any of the following:

  • Organizing & planning your semester
  • Improving study skills (time management, notetaking, reading, test preparation, etc.)
  • Creating study plans for exams
  • Navigating SU’s service systems (email, Navigate, MyClasses, etc.)
  • Identifying appropriate campus resources

To schedule a Success Coaching appointment, you will sign up through Navigate, or by clicking the box below. Directions on how to schedule your appointment is also below. Success Coaching is for EVERYBODY! Whether you a 4.0 student, or just trying to pass your classes, let a CSA Success Coach help you reach your full academic potential! For further questions and information, please call the CSA at 410-677-4865 or email Seth Endicott at 

Schedule a Success Coaching Appointment

Coaching Testimonials

“Loved the session!! I planned for all my finals, and I feel much more confident in my ability to be successful
Another great session! We were discussing my academic progress thus far and how I’ve been navigating my classes. We set a few personal goals that I’m excited to work towards!
Brittany did a fantastic job working with my needs and challenges. She wrote a lot of notes for me after our first appointment and provided me with some good potential solutions to what I’m struggling with.