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Scholar Holler Award

Each month the Center for Student Achievement recognizes an outstanding student for academic excellence. The student is highlighted on our website as a way to encourage other students to achieve their academic potential.

Faculty and staff are invited to nominate students for Scholar Holler. The nomination form should describe the student's academic accomplishments.

Scholar Holler Winners

  • May 2023 - Jessica Tyler
    Jessica Tyler

    Major: Early Childhood Education

    Hometown: Parksley, VA

    Words of wisdom:
    Be authentic to yourself, but be receptive to new knowledge. As a non-traditional student, I was nervous about transferring from Eastern Shore Community College to Salisbury University. However, my transitioning to university life has been a wonderful experience because of professors like Dr. Alexia Buono. Dr. Alexia Buono’s pedagogical strategies offer students the support and encouragement needed to feel limitless in our educational pursuits. She engages students with texts and discussions that create a learning experience based on social justice education and causes her students to think more intentionally as a result of what they read. As a student, I have encountered powerful texts in her ELED 301 course that have inspired and impacted me tremendously. In the words of Bettina Love: “Too often we think the work of fighting oppression is just intellectual. The real work is personal, emotional, spiritual, and communal. It is explicit…”. In return, I promise to evoke the same inspiration and impact in the future of education.

    Dr. Alexia Buono said, "I highly recommend Jessica for the Scholar Holler award for her incredible work in and across my courses ELED 301 "Diversity in Education" and ELED 317 "Integrating Aesthetic Experiences in Teaching and Learning." Each week this month and semester, I have witnessed Jessica making personal and pedagogical meaning in her at-home reflection projects, where she provides honest and rigorous reflexivity on the content readings assigned and reflection prompts, I provide. I've seen her finding herself inside the readings and bringing that connection into our in-class discussions, activities, and collaborative lesson planning projects. Jessica does an outstanding job of demonstrating her critical awareness of how the major topics of each course apply in both her previous experiences as an aid in classrooms and her current experiences as a parent and teacher candidate. I am continually impressed by Jessica's ability to make cross-curricular connections between our Diversity and Aesthetics courses, particularly in her ability to reference scholars, authors, and ideas from one course in her support of group mates and collaboration projects in another course. Jessica is Freedom Dreaming about building her own school with some of her fellows in the program after graduation, and I can say now, what a powerful school this will be. I myself, a scholar of pedagogy and curriculum, am learning much about my own pedagogy practice by witnessing Jessica's learning journey across both my courses, and I am excited for the teacher she is becoming, and to be a part of her journey. I am honored to nominate Jessica for the Scholar Holler award, as she has many powerful "tips" for academic success and beyond to share to her fellow peers at SU.."