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Scholar Holler Award

Each month the Center for Student Achievement recognizes an outstanding student for academic excellence. The student is highlighted on our website as a way to encourage other students to achieve their academic potential.

Faculty and staff are invited to nominate students for Scholar Holler. The nomination form should describe the student's academic accomplishments.

Scholar Holler Winners

  • April 2024 - Austen Cave

    Austen Cave

    Major: Exercise Science

    Hometown: Delmar, MD

    Words of wisdom:
    Put in the work now and it will pay off in the long run. Every day is a new day so make the most of it while doing the things you enjoy.

    Dr. Scott Mazzetti said, "Austen Cave should be the Salisbury University Scholar Holler of April 2024 because he continues to compete as an athlete on the track and field team as a distance runner, improve his GPA with stellar academic discipline and effort, and has embarked on an exploration of a career path in academia and scientific research. Specifically, Austen has led a few of his younger student colleagues over the past 6 months in working with me to design and pilot a new research study with new research equipment from scratch. We are learning the techniques, and problem solving the challenges of the data collection together, and Austen has led us all in the motivation, scheduling and sacrifice that is necessary for young research teams (like ours) to break through frustrations and hopeless moments at 6am when many of us thought we might abort the study idea, potentially leaving us with nothing to show for our efforts since last fall. April has been particularly challenging with several students volunteering their own efforts in every way including performing the study protocols themselves to make sure we have details of the study design feasible and unbiased, particularly Austen. His efforts have made the difference in getting us past the threshold of study genesis into an actual project, and not surprisingly has been a great source of motivation for all members of the lab. Thanks Austen!"