Campus Services

The University's switchboard number is (410)543-6000; if you need to reach someone and do not have their extension, you can dial that number for information.

Health Services

Health Services: The Student Health Services on campus provides limited services to students free of charge; before you receive treatment in the Center, you will have to fill out a health questionnaire and an immunization form - so please bring your health record with you. Student Health Services is located in Holloway Hall, (410)543-6262.

Medical care in the United States is not subsidized by the government, and is, therefore, very expensive. Individuals must pay for their own medical expenses. Because of the high cost, it is mandatory that all students and visitors have both accident and hospitalization insurance. There is a variety of insurance plans available in the International Student Services office. If you do not have insurance from home country, you must make arrangements for insurance in the United States.

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University Police

University Police: This service, available 24 hours a day, is meant to assure safety and security for all students, faculty and staff at SU. Their operation includes escort service, response to emergencies, vehicle registration and parking enforcement, physical security of buildings and investigation of crimes/incidents. They are located in Administrative Services Building, (410)543-6222.

Dining Services

Dining Services: There are three eating establishments on campus: the Gull's Nest (snack bar) and the Commons (dining hall) and Cool Beans (Internet coffee shop). All students have the option of purchasing a meal plan, or paying cash. All students living on-campus must purchase a meal plan. You are encouraged to take advantage of these options. The phone number to Dining Services is (410)543-6105.

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Our halls offer a number of opportunities for students to interact with their peers and begin the transition into independent living. We have a few different room options for students to choose from which each offer comparable living space per person. See Residence Halls for additional information.

A variety of meal plans is available for students living on and off campus. The bill for room and board is due prior to the beginning of the semester, on or before the date shown on the statement of fees.

Off Campus Housing: Students who do not live on campus may rent a room or apartment in a house, or an apartment in a complex. If you choose to live off campus, you should familiarize yourself with the terms of the "lease." A lease is a legally binding contract between the tenant (yourself) and the landlord, which specifies privileges and responsibilities of both parties. You should also find out if services such as phone, electric and gas/oil are ready. This information, together with off-campus listings, is available at the Guerrieri University Center, Information Desk. Payments for off-campus housing are generally made once a month, on a date agreed to by the landlord and the tenant (a deposit equal to one month's rent and one month's advance payment are usually required by landlords before moving in). In this type of housing, separate bills are issued for telephone services, electric and gas/oil. These services will also require deposits which will be refunded at a later date. In most instances, apartments and houses for rent are NOT FURNISHED but do have appliances such as oven and refrigerator.

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Employment: As an international student, you have limited employment options. You may work on campus for up to 20 hours a week while school is in session and up to 40 hours per week during holidays and all breaks and vacations. The Work Experience office offers information about on-campus employment. You will have to present a valid passport with a valid visa, in order to sign a contract and a tax form. You must also have a US Social Security Card before you get paid. The Work Experience Office is located in Guerrieri University Center, (410) 543-6316. See Immigration for work limitations.

Social Activities

Social Activities: Participation in co-curricular activities is a vital part of students' education and college experience. Many departments on campus are committed to providing students with opportunities for a variety of cultural activities, including clubs and organizations, trips, concerts, lectures, religious activities and many other. Most activities, including athletic events, are free of charge. SU belongs to Division III, which provides no athletic scholarships.

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Support Structures

Support Structures: Salisbury University provides many opportunities for all students. The International Student Services office will be one of the most immediate and most important source of information and service to you. You should visit the office as soon s you arrive at SU and whenever you have questions about living and learning in the United States. The following are some of the programs offered by ISS: orientation to the US, SU and educational system; immigration information; social activities; trips.

Make sure you provide your International Student Advisor with copies of your passport, visa and I-94.