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Theatre Program

We believe that theatre is rewarding and compelling choices for study because it reflects the human spirit through performance. Our dedicated students strive for excellence from the classroom to the studio and stage. Our award-winning faculty serve to inspire and challenge each student's artistic and intellectual potential.

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Our Academic Programs

The Theatre Program offers an undergraduate program leading to a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre that balances a broad liberal arts perspective with the specifics of professional training focused on either performance or design and production. Anchored in the classical tradition, the program examines theatre through aesthetic education and criticism, creative expressions, and historical and socio-cultural perspectives. Our theatre graduates are prepared for placement in professional theatres, graduate school, or related fields.

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What Sets Us Apart?

The Bobbi Biron Theatre Program is an integral parts of a broad-based liberal arts education. This means that our 90 majors and minors are engaged in the challenging and meaningful study of theatre as a means of communication, cultural expression and creativity. It also means that our students will graduate as scholars, writers, and researchers.

Our small classes ensure that each student is a familiar face who receives individual attention in the classroom, and by extension, the rehearsal or advising setting. The mix of theoretical and applied coursework is balanced by design and performance experiences that require participation in all aspects of production. This combination develops skills, knowledge, and a professional work ethic that prepare our students to enter professional and related fields, pursue graduate study, and participate as discerning educated consumers and supporters of the arts.

Our five mainstage – theatre and dance – productions run parallel to the academic year and provide performance opportunities for all university students. The Bobbi Biron Theatre presents a range of plays from the 18th century to the present.

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