Take the Stage at Salisbury

Theatre Minor

A production is more than just entertainment. It takes the efforts of performers, directors, set designers, makeup artists and more to bring a production to life. At Salisbury University, we believe show business really is “business.” From the studio to the stage, we’ll help you reflect your spirit and turn it into a career of promise.

Why Choose Theatre at SU?

Our program balances a broad liberal arts perspective with the specifics of professional training. Anchored in classical tradition, the program examines theatre through aesthetic education and criticism, creative expressions and historical and socio-cultural perspectives.

What sets our program apart from others is:

  • A broad foundation of study. As part of their liberal arts education, theatre majors are engaged in the challenging and meaningful study of theatre as a means of communication, cultural expression and creativity. Students are instructed in a variety of skills, meaning they will graduate not only as performers but as scholars, writers and researchers.
  • Personal instruction. Our small classes ensure that each student is a familiar face who receives individual attention in the classroom, rehearsal and advising setting.
  • Opportunities to perform. Our performance season runs parallel to the academic year and provides performing opportunities for all students. The Bobbi Biron Theatre presents a range of plays for students who audition to participate in, from the 18th century to the present.

Students must complete five courses with grades of C or better. Only one course may be used to meet a General Education requirement and at least three courses must be earned at SU. This minor is not available to theatre majors.

Students in the theatre minor must complete three courses from the following:

  • THEA 100 Theatre Appreciation


  • THEA 300 History of Theatre I
  • THEA 110 Technical Production


  • THEA 126 Costuming and Theatre Crafts
  • THEA 200 Voice and Movement Fundamentals


  • THEA 210 Fundamentals of Film, Television and Theatre Design

Students must also take two additional theatre courses, including one at the 300/400 level.

For a more in-depth study, SU also offers a theatre major.

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