Salisbury University students on campus

Liberal Education

Numerous studies are praising students with a liberal arts background as the best possible candidates for a nearly endless variety of jobs. That’s because a liberal education teaches us to be independent, rational and creative thinkers.

It also equips us with skills in research, analysis and communication needed in a knowledge-based economy. Of major importance is how the liberal arts develops the mind in a manner that is critical to professional success and to realizing our potential as human beings. It is also essential for continued economic growth in an increasingly competitive world, it is vital to our free and democratic society, and it teaches each of us to examine the “hard questions,” but with respect to all others.

Today liberal arts reflects a much broader and more diverse population, precisely because a liberal education truly reflect the world at large. As part of its Liberal Education, America’s Promise initiative, the Association of American Colleges and Universities identifies learning outcomes that should inform every undergraduate program. Therefore, the Fulton School graduates nearly half of all Salisbury University students with one of our majors.

The twelve academic departments offer major and minor programs in the visual and performing arts, the humanities and most of the social sciences. Some of our fastest growing major programs are truly interdisciplinary in nature, including Environmental Studies, International Studies, Interdisciplinary Studies, Psychology, Communication Arts and Conflict Analysis and Dispute Resolution. Please visit our Academic Departments & Programs page to see our individual programs.