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Linguistics Concentration at Salisbury University

An understanding of language may be applied to countless other fields, such as forensics and medicine. With the linguistics concentration, students develop numerous skills that are vital for career success.

About the Linguistics Concentration Program

How can a major in linguistics prepare you for a successful career? With linguistics, you can do just about anything. Issues important to the English language are universal and may be applied to other fields, such as forensics and medical discourse.

That’s the strength of Salisbury University’s linguistics concentration. Our students don’t just learn about language. They learn how to communicate with people of diverse cultural backgrounds. They develop writing, listening and interpersonal skills that are vital for career success. The interdisciplinary approach of SU’s program ensures you can take the skills you learn here anywhere.

SU’s English Department prepares students not only for the workplace of today, but the workplace of tomorrow, graduate school and lifelong learning. We cultivate visionary thinkers with a wide range of courses – from analyzing Medieval literature to the strategies of digital media.

Courses of Study

The Linguistics Program is a concentration within the English major. SU’s program is designed to cover many perspectives, and students take classes in composition, humanities and diversity. Our award-winning faculty are the recipients of many prestigious honors such as Fulbright and National Endowment for the Humanities Institute fellowships. They are committed to making writing central to undergraduate education and closely mentor students to help them develop the writing and communication skills they need.

Review our program requirements in the catalog:

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Follow this four-year curriculum guide to help you graduate on time:

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