Salisbury University students on campus

Art Living Learning Community

Incoming freshman majoring in Art are encouraged to consider the Art Living Learning Community (LLC)…the Art Floor. Students in this program live together with other Art majors in a newly renovated residence hall, which includes classroom and studio space on the ground floor. Designed specifically for the Art LLC cohort, special sections of core Art courses are taught by a small team of faculty coordinators. In addition to living and learning together, the group meets regularly for a range of fun activities.

They get together regularly for ‘family’ meals at local restaurants. LLC students worked with visiting artist Diedra Krieger to erect PLASTIC FANTASTIC, a 16 ft. dome made of recycled water bottles. Past museum trips included visits to Washington DC, Philadelphia and New York City. Service Learning opportunities included a visit to a local intermediate school, to help with their Art Fair. Throw in a bonfire on the beach at Assateague Island, hanging out with pizza and video games, making holiday cookies, and other fun activities such as Laser Tag and a trip to the trampoline park. In addition, the Art LLC is actively engaged in the Salisbury art community. Several times a semester they make a trip downtown to attend the lively 3rd Friday arts festival. Living and working together as a tight knit group makes for stronger bonds among students, and with the faculty who get to know them over the course of the all important first year.

If you are interested in signing up for the Art LLC, contact the Student Housing Office.

Student Testimonials

  • “It has been great to have the opportunity to begin my college experience with 13 other students looking to pursue the art degrees. It has helped me to develop my understanding of art and my abilities.” -Jonathan DeMauro
  • “Being in the Art LLC this year I made many close friends, had great opportunities to interact with faculty and peers through several classes, art related events and field trips. Which in turn helped me gain more insight to my opportunities with art at SU as well as the knowledge base the art faculty provides.” –Anissa Seg
  • “One of the best decisions I made coming into college was joining the Art LLC. It gave me great opportunities and I got to meet great people who enjoy art as much as I do. I know that if I had not joined the LLC, my first year of college would have been very different. However, it is something I never once regretted.” –Madeline Clarke
  • “When I first heard of the Art LLC I jumped at the chance to apply for it. I was very shy and having a group of people that I lived with and took classes with helped to comfort me. My high school didn’t have too many opportunities for art so interacting with peers who had the same interest taught me a lot. The support I received from the group was tremendous. My first year of college was complete because of the art LLC.” –La Vida Beveny
  • “I enjoyed getting to know a group of people with common interests. It made learning a lot easier knowing everyone was enthusiastic about the subjects we had the opportunity to learn!” –Sara Lands
  • “I had no idea how significant art was in the Salisbury community. And without the Art LLC, I wouldn’t have gotten the chance to make connections with so many great people and peers as well as go to the events that the Art LLC got involved in. We got the chance to go to Philadelphia and Washington DC, we had many Art LLC events, and I came out of my first year of college with close friends and a better sense of what I really want to do in the future.” –Sasha Dulyachinda