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Conferences and Research Funding

The Clarke Honors College is happy to support undergraduate research and creative projects in their many forms, whether it be travel to academic conferences, laboratory research, creative writing workshops, fine art exhibitions, symposia, or more.

Honors students are encouraged to apply for funding through the Clarke Honors College.  The College sets aside more than $10,000 in annual funds to aid students in their work.  Priority is given to students presenting their work at honors conference or for the funding of projects that have emerged from Honors classes or are the product of honors thesis work.

The Clarke Honors College asks that students who request funding to attend a conference outside of the honors conferences or to aid in work that is not the direct product of and honors class or honors thesis project also apply for funding from other sources on campus.  The Clarke Honors College is happy to supplement these sources of funding but cannot guarantee funding for non-honors related projects and conference travel.

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Directions for Funding of Undergraduate Conference Attendance and Presentation

Are you presenting work at an honors conference (MCHC, NRHC, or NCHC)? If so, follow the instructions for Option One.

Are you attending but not presenting at an honors conference (MCHC, NRHC, or NCHC)? If so, follow the instructions for Option Two.

Are you attending a conference that is not an honors conference (NCUR, a disciplinary conference, symposium, etc.)? If so, follow Option Three.

Funding for Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity for Honors Students

Would you like to apply for research funding that does not specifically fall under the category of conference travel or support. Do you need supplies to conduct undergraduate research? Do you have an alternate need? If you are requesting funding from the Clarke Honors College to offset expenses related to undergraduate departmental research, please follow the following steps below and submit all paperwork to the dean of the Clarke Honors College by the conclusion of the semester preceding your research study:

  1. Application form for research funding
  2. A short essay detailing the scope and rationale for your research
  3. A written endorsement from a sponsoring faculty member
  4. Evidence that demonstrates that you have sought funding from additional resources outside of the Clarke Honors College


Other Opportunities: Internships in D.C.

Have you ever wanted to live and work in Washington, D.C.? Well here is your chance AND you will get a full semester of credit toward your degree! Cost, you ask? Surprisingly affordable and scholarships are available!

Salisbury University's Institute for Public Affairs and Civic Engagement recently partnered with The Washington Center (TWC) to give you the opportunity to live, study, and work in Washington, D.C. TWC provides a multitude of internship opportunities for undergraduate students of any discipline in the DC area while also providing an academic experience that emphasizes the importance of civic engagement and leadership development. Past students have landed internships working for The White House, CNN, Fox News, Congress, EPA, etc. and have been hired immediately following graduation. SU is offering a unique opportunity to for you to take advantage of this partnership by awarding up to 16 credits for a semester toward the completion of your degree.