Course Offerings

  • SOWK 309 - Privilege and Oppression
  • SOWK 350 - Social Work & The Elderly
  • SOWK 475 - Social Work with Persons with Disabilities
  • SOWK 483 - Social Work Practice in Rural Environments

Study Abroad

SOWK 499/SOWK 599 Global Seminar: Ecuador - Community Problems and Community Solutions
This is a short-study abroad course which will be conducted in Ecuador in the winter of 2017. The Community Problems and Community Solutions global seminar is designed to introduce students at the undergraduate and graduate level to community-based problem solving in a Latin American context. While in Ecuador, students will learn about the various ways that Ecuadorians are addressing community problems through lecture, readings, assignments, and experiential learning. Throughout the program, students will be immersed in the Ecuadorian culture through participation in homestays with community partners, language classes, and group excursions to community-based organizations and local attractions throughout Cuenca and Guayaquil. Students will have the opportunity to engage in discussions with professionals of various disciplines, including social work.

SOWK 599 & IDIS 399 – Global Health Experience: South Africa
Through overseas research and immersion, the course will provide a study of an international culture, but from an interdisciplinary perspective. For Global Health Experience: South Africa, it course’s core strengths lie in its interdisciplinary character. This approach recognizes that political, social, and economic factors are central factors in health communication, practice, and the various concerns of social justice and human rights. This course integrates classroom and field instruction to introduce students to key concepts of global health in South Africa, the fundamental principles of South Africa’s health care systems, and the history of Apartheid.