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Site Location

The Richard A. Henson Medical Simulation Center is located within walking distance of Salisbury University’s main campus, just one block sound of the main campus, on Pine Bluff Road.

Campus Map showing location of Simulation Center

Virtual Healthcare Tools

Simulation Suites and Debriefing Spaces

Simulation Suites and Debriefing Spaces The Richard A. Henson Medical Simulation Center offers six specialized simulation suites, three fully-equipped control rooms, four debriefing rooms, and a nurses’ station. The Center also has dedicated space for staff offices, visitors, and storage. View the center tour.

Faculty Academy and Mentorship Initiative of Maryland

ESFAMI Classroom FAMI-MD, formerly known as ES-FAMI, is a grant-funded program that prepares experienced registered nurses for roles as clinical nursing faculty. FAMI-MD offers two 40 contact hour programs, known as Intro-FAMI and Advanced-FAMI, in a virtual delivery method with three synchronous sessions spaced throughout the month-long academies. Nurses who participate in an introductory academy (Intro-FAMI) partake in online coursework modules that cover a wide range of topics from legal issues in nursing, creating a positive learning environment, to student evaluation. Participants will also enjoy simulated teaching encounters designed to prepare nursing faculty for challenges they may face in clinicals with nursing students. Graduates from Intro-FAMI can further their education through the Advanced-FAMI academy. Advanced-FAMI is designed to build on the foundation created in Intro-FAMI through synchronous session discussions, increased simulated teaching encounters, and advanced online coursework. FAMI-MD is offered through partnerships with other Maryland colleges, universities and hospital systems. The FAMI-MD offices are located at the Richard A. Henson Medical Simulation Center.

For more information, visit the FAMI-MD website.

Applied Health Physiology Laboratory

Room #106 is the Applied Health Physiology Laboratory. In this lab, human interventional research is conducted by SU faculty and students. Recently, investigations of arterial stiffness and blood flow regulation, in both healthy individuals and those with vascular disease. Arterial stiffening and loss of endothelial function are processes that occur in all populations due to a variety of causes such as aging, stress and smoking. These variables contribute to the development of hypertension and atherosclerosis. However, early intervention strategies, such as appropriate exercise, can drastically improve health outcomes. The lab houses a variety of equipment including tonometers, Doppler ultrasound, a metabolic cart, and a cycle ergometer. Therefore, it is equipped to conduct a variety of research studies pertaining to human physiology.