Mission, Vision, and Goals


The Faculty of the School of Nursing at Salisbury University actively engages undergraduate and graduate students in the development of the knowledge, skills and values integral to excellence in professional nursing practice.


To be academically and professionally recognized as an outstanding nursing program that has substantial impact on health care in the region.


Excellence: Achieve the best possible outcomes in all that we do

Accountability: Be responsible for our actions, the effects of those actions, and fidelity to follow-up.

Commitment: Use our knowledge, skills and talents in the interest of the common good.

Respect: Honor the uniqueness of each person, appreciating the differences among them.


1.0 Provide science-based education to undergraduate and graduate students.

1.1 Educate baccalaureate students to assume generalist roles as registered nurses.
1.2 Provide baccalaureate degree completion for registered nurses.
1.3 Educate master’s students to assume advanced nursing roles.
1.4 Foster an interactive educational climate.
1.5 Recruit exceptional and diverse faculty to provide high quality education.
1.6 Retain excellent and experienced faculty to educate students.

1.7 Promote global health.

2.0 Participate actively in the regional health care community.

2.1 Expand the knowledge base through faculty scholarship, leadership, and practice.
2.2 Maintain collaboration with area health care agencies and educational institutions.
2.3 Serve as a resource for the community.

Approved 4/13/07, rev. 5/2013, 12/18/13, 7/7/15, 5/22/17