Salisbury University students on campus

Mission, Vision, and Goals


The School of Nursing at Salisbury University prepares undergraduate and graduate students with the knowledge, skills, and core values integral to excellence in professional nursing practice and life-long learning. SON faculty, staff and students engage in activities to collaborate with local communities to promote optimal health outcomes.


The SON will be nationally recognized for preparing innovative nurse leaders who anticipate and navigate the challenges of dynamic, diverse, and complex health and healthcare environments to substantially improve health outcomes.


As members of the nursing profession, we embrace the culture of CARE: caring, accountability, respect, and excellence. Our core values serve as the foundation of our work, how we interact with one another, and help guide the strategies we employ to fulfill our mission, vision, and strategic goals. These values include:

Caring: (civility, kindness, altruism, service)
Accountability: (advocacy, responsibility, fidelity, lifelong learning)
Respect: (diversity, inclusivity, integrity)
Excellence: (evidence-based practice, scholarship, innovation)


1.0 Provide exceptional evidence-based education to undergraduate and graduate nursing students.

1.1 Enroll and graduate an exceptional and diverse student body to reflect the population we serve
1.2 Foster an interprofessional educational climate that embodies justice, equity, diversity, and inclusivity (JEDI
1.3 Use state-of the art technologies to deliver interactive educational experiences 
1.4 Establish administrative structures and processes to meet changing program needs and expanding enrollments
1.5 Recruit and retain exceptional faculty from diverse backgrounds to maintain and expand faculty ranks
1.6 Expand enrollments to meet workforce needs  
1.7 Obtain sufficient space and physical resources to meet program and student needs

2.0 Serve as a resource for the community.

2.1 Contribute to nursing knowledge through faculty and student scholarship, leadership, and practice
2.2 Expand collaborations with community-based organizations and educational institutions 
2.3 Engage in activities that promote health and wellness in the community
2.4. Provide leadership at the statewide level in workforce development initiatives
2.5 Improve the lives of individuals, families, and communities by addressing social determinants of health (SDOH)

Approved 4/13/07, rev. 5/2013, 12/18/13, 7/7/15, 5/22/17, 7/08/22