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Money Makes the World Go ’Round

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The Department of Economics and Finance offers studies in two closely related disciplines, economics and finance. Economics is the pulse of modern civilization. The study of economics prepares students to play meaningful roles in improving the human condition by contributing to a healthy economic climate. Finance is broadly defined as the art and science of making decisions involving money in a variety of contexts.

An important distinction of our department is the administration of the Sea Gull Fund. This is an equity portfolio managed entirely by undergraduate students – the first such program among the University System of Maryland Schools – and it provides practical lessons and on the working of equity markets.

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In addition to the programs listed here, a number of students in non-business majors take some of the department’s courses as electives as part of their degree programs.

The idea is to make this initiative as real as possible for the students. The instructor is only a facilitator. The students make all the decisions.
Dr. Herman Manakayan Economics and Finance Faculty, Sea Gull Fund Advisor

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