Salisbury University students on campus

Fingerprint Services

Fingerprint Services current status for reopening:

  • New SU faculty and staff: (by appointment only)
  • SU Students: Open (by appointment only scheduled through your GullNet Account)
  • Public: Open (by appointment only)


Location: Fingerprint Services is located at the University Police Department (East Campus), 110 Power Street, Salisbury Maryland 21804.

Phone: 410-548-2900

Hours of Service: Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.(must call to schedule an appointment). NO WALK-INS.

NOTE: Fingerprint Services will be closed when the University is closed during holidays, inclement weather etc....

Visitors must display a valid Visitor Parking Permit. To apply for a visitor permit. Please print and display the permit on your driver’s side dash.

Payment Information:

For the General Public:

  • *Money orders and Certified or Cashier’s checks, made payable to Salisbury University, may be presented for payment.
  • Cash payments may be presented to Salisbury University’s Cashier’s office located in Holloway Hall room 219. Upon payment, a receipt will be given which must be taken to the Fingerprint Services Department.

SU Students: All applicable fees will be charged to the Student’s GullNet account.

New SU Faculty and Staff: All applicable fees will be charged to the appropriate program department. Must have billing code.

Required Information:

You must bring a valid form of government identification w/a photo (Driver’s License, State issued Identification card, Passport or Military identification.)

*If you are requesting a background check for employment or licensing purposes you must have all documentation from the requestor to include the agency name and authorization number. If your background check is being sent to a government agency you may also need an ORI number.

Request Type Background Check Fee
Adult Dependent Care $42
Attorney-Client Call for Assistance
Child Care – Full $58
Child Care – Volunteer $57
Criminal Justice $0
Gold Seal / Adoption $43
Gold Seal / Visa $43
Government Employment – State Only $42
Government Employment – State & FBI $58
Government Licensing – State (Liquor License) $42
Government Licensing – State / FBI $58
Immigration / Visa $42
Individual Challenge Call for Assistance
Individual Review $42
Private Employer Petition $42
Public Housing Authority Call for Assistance
MSP Licensing – Handgun $58
MSP Licensing – Handgun Renewal $40
MSP Licensing – Security Guard $58
MSP Licensing – Security Guard Renewal $40
MSP Licensing – Firearms (Regulated Firearms Dealer $42
MSP Licensing – Security System $58
MSP Licensing – Private Detective Section – New $58
MSP Licensing – Private Detective Section – Renewal $42
MSP Licensing – Private Detective Section – FBI Only $40
MSP Licensing – Special Police $58
MSP Licensing – Special Police – Renewal $42
MSP Licensing – Handgun Qual License $58