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April 28 SU, PRMC Partner to Provide Space for Recovering COVID-19 Patients

4/28/2020 2:00 p.m.

Members of the Campus Community:

Peninsula Regional Medical Center has announced an agreement with SU to open Dogwood Village as an overflow isolation location for recovering COVID-19 patients should local cases spike in the coming weeks. We can confirm that this agreement has been signed. At this time, there are no COVID-19 patients on campus.

The agreement expires on June 30, by which time we and PRMC hope the virus will have peaked in our area. Following that expiration, should any COVID-19 patients have been housed in Dogwood, the complex will be deep cleaned and sanitized to medical specifications, and any mattresses used by COVID-19 patients will be replaced in anticipation of the fall semester.

Dogwood’s location apart from other residence halls, with easy access from Camden Avenue and an adjacent parking area, makes the complex a desirable choice for this initiative. COVID-19 patients will not be permitted in any other campus buildings, and no SU staff will be in contact with patients. During the duration of the agreement, only patients and PRMC staff will be permitted inside Dogwood.

We are fortunate to be in a position to help the community in this way during this difficult time for many in our area, and we are glad to join other campuses across the nation which are providing similar services. SU has a long partnership with PRMC, and this initiative will allow both institutions to better serve Wicomico County and the Delmarva Peninsula by potentially freeing beds at the hospital for patients whose needs are the most critical.

More information on the agreement is available on the SU News and SU COVID-19 webpages.

Please continue to stay safe and finish the semester strong. We look forward to seeing all of you again soon.