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March 17 SU's LinkedIn Learning

Tuesday March 17, 2020 12:47 p.m.

To all Campus Staff, and Supervisors of Staff:

As staff transition into their adapted work schedules and locations (on-campus and/or remote teleworking) as part of the University's COVID-19 Emergency Pandemic Response, we encourage supervisors and staff members to use SU's LinkedIn Learning (formerly platform to take advantage of a wide variety of training and professional development content including MS Office, time management, project management, leadership, individual enrichment and many others. There is an almost unlimited variety of training content and resources available at your fingertips. Further, the online training and development qualifies as paid time to satisfy the assigned daily work schedule (e.g., typically 8 hours for most employees).

Supervisors who have scheduled a telework or modified hybrid work arrangement that is less than 100% of paid work time for their employees should assign these on-line programs, and/or other training and development opportunities, to their employees in lieu of Admin Leave. Beginning on March 18, 2020, any use of Administrative Leave to supplement a full-workday paid status must be pre-approved by the respective vice president. To take advantage of the many hours of training content and professional resources, simply click on the LinkedIn learning website and use your SU login and password along with DUO authentication.

Weblink: LinkedIn Learning

If you experience any technical difficulties in accessing LinkedIn Learning, please consult with the IT HelpDesk for assistance.

Finally, please stay safe and remember:

  • Stay informed and check SUs COVID-19 website for the most up-to-date news and information.
  • Any employee who exhibits viral symptoms or signs of illness (fever, coughing, stuffy nose, difficulty breathing) will be asked to remove themselves from the workplace and self-isolate. These employees may use sick leave or a full-time telework arrangement for the duration of the illness plus 24 hours beyond any symptoms.
  • During Spring Break, employees who travel further than 75 miles from Salisbury, or to a location outside the area which is known to have high-risk exposure, are asked to self-identify to their supervisor the details of their travel. These employees may use sick leave or a full-time telework arrangement for the duration of the Pandemic Emergency Plan, to ensure a 14-day self-isolation period.
  • Please observe the practice of social distancing by avoiding non-essential in-person meetings and crowds greater than 10 persons.

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