Guerrieri Academic Commons arial view from front entrance.

Poetry Walk: Celebrating Our Student Poets

Poetry Walk LogoWe are often impressed by the work that SU students do, and we proudly showcase their efforts in whatever ways we can. One example of that, if you’ve ever been on the second or fourth floors of the Guerrieri Academic Commons (GAC), home of the main library, is by hanging student research posters on our walls. But students also do creative work, and we look for ways to highlight that.

At SU, we are fortunate to have marvelous student poets on campus, nurtured by our excellent faculty. Since April is National Poetry Month, we decided this year to highlight our student poets’ work. We did so by creating a “Poetry Walk” in the main hallway on the first floor of the GAC. Professor John Nieves partnered with us, identifying potential student contributors and gathering poems from them. We then created posters for each poem and set these on stands all along the hallway. The display remained up for the entire month of April. We expect this to become an annual event.

Poetry Walk HallwayIn the end, we displayed 14 poems written by eight different students. Some of these poems had already been published, but many had not, so we did ask that no one post images of the poems online, lest it cause the poets problems in getting their poems published.

We thank the following students for enriching our lives by sharing their poetry:

  • Alexa Abrahams, “Elegy for a Nomad” and “Desert & Death (Are the Closest of Friends)”
  • Alayna Avent, “Fourteenth and Sixteenth Amendment” and “Contra Inimical Formulas”
  • Ellery Beck, “Sound” and “Resound”
  • Sarah Brockhaus, “Intermission”
  • Won Shim Dadachanji, “On Blistering” and “Young Dirge”
  • Taylor N. Schaefer, “Cosmonaut Sergei Krikalev Speaks to His Wife Through Static, 1992” and “Ghost Crabs”
  • Julia Schorr, “lilying.”
  • Adam D. Weeks, “Holly Drury Speaks Doom and Releases” and “Penultimate Letter”