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Thomas Boudreau

Thomas Boudreau


  • Maxwell school Syracuse university, , SOCIAL SCIENCE, 1985

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Thomas Boudreau graduated with his Ph.D. in Social Science from the Maxwell School at Syracuse University in 1985. He is author of three books, Sheathing the Sword (1991) and Universitas (1998), and well over a dozen articles or book chapters. His third book, in which he is co-editor with Juan Carlos Sainz Borgo, Dean at the Universidad de Paz in Costa Rica, is entitled Advances in International Law and Jurisprudence: Enhancing the Role of the Judiciary in the Rule of Law (2017) and includes contributions from leading legal scholars from the six inhabited continents of the world, including Judge Garzon, the Spanish magistrate who successfully indicted General Pinochet in the 1990s. The book is now available on Amazon. He is currently working on a fourth book, The Law of Nations: A Pluralistic Legal Order in a Violent World. A chapter of this book has already been published by Barry University and is entitled: “The Earth Atmosphere as a Global Trust; Establishing Proportionate State Responsibility to Maintain, Sustain and Restore the Global Atmosphere” (2017) in the Barry University School of Law Environmental and Earth Law Journal (EELJ), Volume 7, Issue 1, online at: Dr. Boudreau has taught international law, international relations and conflict analysis at Syracuse and American Universities, as well as the University of Pennsylvania. He is currently is currently a Professor in the Department of Conflict Analysis and Dispute Resolution at Salisbury University in Maryland. He has an archive of earlier articles written on climate change with the Stanford University MAHB Project at: Boudreau, Thomas Archives | MAHB ( His latest article with MAHB can be found at: