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Stephanie McFarland

Stephanie McFarland


  • Salisbury University, MS, Family Nurse Practitioner, 2015
  • Salisbury University, BS, Nursing, 2002

Areas of Expertise

  • Family Nurse Practitioner

Teaching Philosophy

I notice the best teaching techniques are combined modalities. So many students learn in different ways or have different barriers to learning from slow reading styles, dyslexia, attention deficit, distractions, and poor studying environments. These barriers have magnified since the unexpected transition to online learning during the Covid pandemic. From prior experience, most students are more likely to succeed when they are able to read, hear, see and apply the content.
I believe the premise for most students seeking a career in nursing or healthcare is the inner desire to want to help others. While so much of nursing is knowledge based on book learning, a competent nurse has the ability to integrate listening skills, compassion, empathy, and a sense of humor. They have to be willing to be silent, assertive, laugh, cry or just stand there holding the client’s hand. My ultimate goal is to provide a holistic nursing approach to education with a focus on interprofessional collaboration in a format that is suitable for all learning types.