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Michael Carter

Michael Carter


  • Ohio State University, PhD, Microbiology, 2014
  • Ohio State University, MS, Microbiology, 2010
  • Indiana University, BS, Microbiology, 2007
  • Indiana University, BA, Biochemistry, 2007

Areas of Expertise

  • Bacterial Genetics
  • Bacterial Metabolism
  • Molecular Biology

Research Interest

In the Carter lab we investigate bacterial genes and enzymes with as of yet unknown function in as of yet unknown metabolic pathways. By employing DNA manipulation and modification techniques, we reorganize, mutate, and delete (genetically modify) regions of bacterial genomes in order to better understand how the genetic information relates to bacterial metabolic function. We also purify and characterize bacterial enzymes to identify their functions. Our research output is foundational for developing and optimizing biotechnology.