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Cathrene Connery

Cathrene Connery

Research Interest

First, Second, Dual, & Multilingual Language & Literacy Acquisition: English as an Additional Language, Bilingual, Multicultural, Dual Immersion & Refugee Education and Intergenerational Family & Social Systems

Vygotskian Theory, Semiotics, Sign Development, & Creativity: Cognitive Pluralism, Multimodal Meaning Making & the Appropriation of Psychological Tools

Sociopolitical Trends & Issues in Development, Learning, & Education: Civil Rights, the History of Multilingualism & Schooling in the United States, & Educational Policy for Non-Majority Students, Learners, & Families including International Refugee

Multicultural & International Children’s Literature:
The Social Construction of Childhood, Culturally & Linguistically Relevant Language Arts, the Role of Affect in Learning to Read, & Content Literacy Instruction

Feminism, Women & Identity: Teacher Professional Development, the Development of Thought Communities, Practitioner Research, & Dynamic Systems in Institutional Reform