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Nurture Your Love for Wisdom

Philosophy Minor

In addition to that troublesome question “What am I going to do for a living?” do you sometimes find yourself asking questions like, “What is love?”; “Does God exist?”; and “What is right and wrong?” If your answer is yes, you will find many kindred spirits in Salisbury University’s Philosophy Department. Here, we believe that philosophy is the “love of wisdom.”

Why Choose a Philosophy Minor at SU?

Some may ask is philosophy a difficult minor? At SU, our philosophy minor will challenge you and learning is not restricted to the classroom. Our students engage in philosophical activities with local public school students and do civic engagement projects, such as leading weekly discussion groups with inmates at a nearby medium-security prison through our ECI Program. This emphasis on making philosophy relevant to our experience sets our program apart from many others, and it is a reason why our students are so successful at connecting what they learn to their personal and professional lives.

The Philosophy Department at SU is a vibrant, intellectually diverse department where you are sure to feel at home. We pride ourselves on developing a strong sense of community with our students, faculty and staff. At the Philosophy House, students come to discuss, study, watch films and play ping-pong. Our student Philosophical Society is one of the most active groups on campus and sponsors regular discussions on such diverse topics as “Is there such a thing as human nature?”; “Is killing ever morally justified?”; and “What makes a joke funny?”

You won’t be lost in the crowd in the Philosophy Department – you will know your teachers and they will know you. SU philosophy professors are committed to providing help outside of class, advising students about courses and requirements, and mentoring students as they think about their lives after graduation.

For a more in-depth study, SU also offers a philosophy major.

When competing at the Northeast Regional Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl, our students were especially knowledgeable and well prepared in the areas of animal and environmental ethics, and they received near-perfect scores from the judges.
GRACE CLEMENT, PH.D. Philosophy Department Faculty

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