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Health Minor

Health professionals can have a major impact on the lives of individuals and in communities they touch. Because of the importance of health to everyone, people with a background in this field often feel they can contribute meaningfully to the world and report fulfilling careers. Whether maintaining their own well-being or promoting healthy behavior in others, an education in health gives students the tools to make healthy decisions for a lifetime.

Why Choose Health at SU?

The health minor requires the completion of at least 20 credits with grades of C or better. At least 15 credits applied toward the minor must be coursework which is not used to satisfy General Education requirements and at least nine hours must be credits earned at SU.

Students in the health minor must complete the following courses:

  • HLTH 110 Foundations of Community Health Education
  • HLTH 225 Health Behavior
  • HLTH 325 Planning and Assessing Health Programs

Select at least 10 credit hours from the following:

  • HLTH 230 Chronic and Communicable Diseases
  • HLTH 240 Drug Education
  • HLTH 260 Health Literacy and Communication
  • HLTH 311 Human Sexuality Education
  • HLTH 315 Community Nutrition
  • HLTH 326 Measurement and Evaluation of Health Programs
  • HLTH 330 Principles of Epidemiology
  • HLTH 401 Community Health
  • HLTH 450 U.S. Health Care and Public Health

For a more in-depth study, SU also offers a community health major. Community health majors are not eligible to earn a minor in health.

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