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Sociology Major

Ever wanted to follow in the path of influential figures such as the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., comedy actor Kal Penn or Michelle Obama? Here’s a secret: All were sociology majors. Sociology is the study of humans as they interact in groups, organizations, institutions and social systems. No matter the size of your ambitions, an education at Salisbury University will set you on the right path to understanding the complexity of human nature.

Why Choose a Sociology Major at Salisbury University?

Our program explores a wide range of issues relevant to our lives: the environment, immigration, human rights, criminal justice and law, social and economic inequality, globalization, race relations, gender and sexuality, health and education systems, social movements, population change, and more. At SU, we set high standards for student achievement, provide multicultural events and encourage civic involvement.

The sociology major engages students in lively class discussion, rigorous writing exercises, research projects and one-on-one mentorship. Students develop skills in critical thinking, diversity and inclusion, problem-solving and analytical reasoning, writing and presenting, data gathering and analysis, group collaboration, and empathy. Sociology majors conduct original, in-depth research as part of their degree on a variety of topics:

  • Food Deserts
  • Effects of Divorce on Children
  • Victimization of LGBT+ People
  • School Discipline and Racial Inequalities
  • Criminal Rehabilitation and Repeat Offending
  • Racial Disparities in Maternal and Infant Health Care
  • Alcohol and Tobacco Advertising
  • Teen Suicide

SU’s Sociology Department promotes two avenues for student involvement: the Sociology Front student group and the Sociology Department Student Steering Committee. The Front, led by students, hosts regular events on applied sociology, particularly as it’s seen in current events, pop culture and from guest speakers in various fields of work. The Sociology Front also participate in community service events and activism on and off campus. The Steering Committee, a group of student leaders nominated by sociology faculty, provides student perspectives on department policies and events.

In addition, internship opportunities abound at SU, giving you the skills needed to transition into an active member of society. Internship placements for our students have included positions in a variety of places, such as:

  • Salisbury Mayor’s Office
  • Life Crisis Center
  • Maintaining Active Citizens (geriatric services)
  • Fenix Youth Project
  • Parole and Probation
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • HALO Homeless Shelter
  • Migrant Clinicians Network
  • Maryland Commission on Civil Rights
  • Civil Rights and Labor Law Office
  • State’s Attorney Office
  • Ocean City Police
  • Department of Homeland Security
  • WBOC TV News
  • Partnership for Families and Children
  • LGBT+ Safe Spaces Program
Meet Diamond – Sociology Major

Meet Diamond – Sociology Major

Find out how Diamond’s sociology major teaches her she has the power to positively impact the world.

Careers for Sociology Majors

For sociology graduates the career possibilities and opportunities for graduate school are boundless. Sociology is recognized as an essential discipline within the increasingly global economy. Given sociology’s emphasis on understanding diversity and culture within institutions, a sociology major prepares you for a wide variety of careers. Our alumni have gone on to work in:

  • human services
  • social services
  • counseling
  • non-profit leadership
  • teaching
  • criminal justice
  • human-labor relations
  • community development
  • law
  • diversity, equity and inclusion
  • government
  • urban planning
  • project management
  • marketing
  • research

Meet Your Sociology Faculty:
Shawn McEntee

Shawn McEntee Headshot

Dr. Shawn McEntee is a global sociologist with interests in global inequality, systemic social processes, sustainability and human-animal relations. She believes strongly in the value of an on-campus college experience, where students can interact with a diversity of people and ideas. She structures her courses so students can explore and discuss different perspectives, and strives to create an inclusive classroom where all students can be challenged and motivated to achieve their goals.

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