A Passion for the Past Is a Tool for the Future

History Major

A passion for the past is wonderful, and we can turn that passion into skills of value. At Salisbury University, history is not simply a list of facts to be memorized but a mystery to be unveiled in much the same way a detective solves a tricky case. Our history program offers an invigorating learning experience that challenges students to ask not just what happened, but why it happened.

Why Choose History at SU?

In a modern setting, some people wonder what to do with a degree in history. At SU, we believe the skills you develop in studying history – such as problem solving and articulate oral and written communication – promise professional success in the information age. Some of our graduates have gone on to leading graduate programs and top law schools in the country. Other students have made successful careers with the FBI, museums, archives, government agencies and other rewarding positions.

Our program is valuable to you because:

  • We promote active learning through research. Our students don’t just read about history in a textbook – they make their own history by analyzing actual historical documents, many housed on campus in the Edward H. Nabb Research Center. Here, students find firsthand accounts from a long list of historical figures, including the earliest explorers and Civil War soldiers. In addition to its historical archives, the research center has an archaeology laboratory, where students can gain hands-on experience with artifact collections.
  • We encourage internships and travel. Some of our interns have worked at the Smithsonian Institution and Department of the Interior. We promote many travel courses, including trips to England, Germany, France, Russia, China, Ecuador and Italy.
  • We have a program tailored to your needs. The History Department also houses minors in anthropology, American studies and gender studies, with a concentration that prepares you to teach history in schools. With a diverse offering of courses, majors and minors, students are certain to find an area of interest at SU that will translate into career success.


With an SU education in history, know where you came from and where you’re headed. History can be combined with other areas of study to prepare you for a variety of fields in law, sales, military, foreign service, journalism or the arts. As a history major, these are just a few careers you might see yourself in:

  • Archivist
  • Biographer
  • Costume Designer
  • Genealogist
  • Historian
  • Museum Curator
  • Political Scientist
Meet Abiodun – History Major

Meet Abiodun - History Major

Hear how Abiodun has not only studied history at SU, but has experienced it first-hand through our resources and local heritage.

Faculty with Real-World Experience

Our History Department faculty is dedicated to helping students discover the complexity of the human story as it has developed across a diverse cultural and physical landscape over time.

To preserve the past by researching and teaching history to present and future generations is my passion, and I hope to inspire some of my students to become historians to do the same.
Clara Small, Ph.D. Professor of History Emeritus

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