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Brittany Kesteven - Success Story

Brittany KestevenThroughout my graduate career, I have worked on a number of research projects that require an extremely diverse range of methodologies. As a graduate assistant for the Bosserman Center for Conflict Resolution, I have worked on several research projects in collaboration with Dr. Brian Polkinghorn, the principle investigator and executive director for the center. Some of these research projects include a content analysis employing logit regression modeling of several hundred hours of court audio transcripts that examines judges’ speaking to parties prior to trial about accepting an offer to try mediation; an extensive survey research on all community-based mediation and conflict resolution programs in the United States; measurement and evaluation using action research methods to determine the efficiency and effectiveness of the DeBoer fellowship program in Maynmar; and supporting an ongoing research project on construction partnering in airport facilities funded by the National Academy of Science. All research is grant funded through the Bosserman Center for Conflict Resolution.

All these projects have produced reports and we are working on publications, including a book. Presentations for each of the research projects have been made by the principle investigator; however, I will be presenting the community-based programs project in April at the annual SU Student Research Conference (SUSRC). In addition, I will receive a scholarship to present at a national conference in Washington, D.C., in June.

Following graduation, my goal is to become an influential leader in the field of conflict resolution, by opening a non-profit organization that aims to reduce recidivism rates among former inmates. My mission is to transform the way people view conflict by empowering individuals through conflict prevention education and training, at low to no cost, and networking with other agencies who share a similar mission. My vision is to create a world where inmates who are incarcerated do not return back to prison and, thus, traverse a peaceful transition back into the community and live productive and healthy lives.