Salisbury University students on campus



  1. To INSPIRE our athletes to become PASSIONATE about their health to enhance their current athletic pursuits while developing a lifelong commitment to fitness.
  2. To DEVELOP coaches that can grow through practical and educational opportunities along their journey of becoming the best they can become in this field.
  3. To FOSTER leadership skills that can enable optimal development and success throughout all stages of life.


The Salisbury University Sports Performance Program supports the missions of both the Athletic Department and University. In addition, Sports Performance Program is committed to the following:

  1. Developing relationships with each athlete through coaching.
  2. Stimulating a positive training environment that encourages growth
  3. Educating the athletes and coaches on the why's and how's as they pertain to the training program.
  4. Encourage a all to develop a growth mindset.
  5. Actively engage coaches with learning opportunities, both practically and educationally, each day.
  6. Embody leadership ideals while providing opportunities for all to actively develop leadership skills.


The Salisbury University Sports Performance Program utilizes a periodized yearly plan that transcends all aspects of physiological and psychological development. The student athletes are trained through various measures designed to enhance performance while reducing the risk of injury. Each aspect of the student-athletes training progresses in a systematic order to maximize potential through each mesocycle of training. From a psychological standpoint we strive to instill concepts that will enhance the athletes competitive play in game situations. These concepts include, attitude selection, confidence, handling pressure, intrinsic motivation, mental focus, self-talk, and visualization. By implementing these aspects along with a functional, sport-specific training program we can adequately prepare our student-athletes to compete at a high level within the Division III system.

Athletic Performance Enhancement

Our first goal is to increase the athlete's chances of having success on the field or court. Some of the general skill development areas addressed include:

  • Dynamic Flexibility and Mobility Drills including specific warm-up routines
  • Linear Speed Enhancement including Starting Acceleration and Running Mechanic Improvement Drills
  • Lateral Speed Development including Deceleration Mechanics and Change of Direction Drills
  • Reactive Method Training including Plyometrics
  • Force and Rate of Force Production Enhancement including Maximal Strength, Speed-Strength, Strength Endurance, High Load Power, High Velocity Power and Power Endurance Development
  • Energy System Specific Conditioning
  • Educate Athletes on Training & Recovery Parameters
  • Educate Athletes on Nutritional Parameters
  • Mental Skill Development

Injury Prevention

Our second goal is to decrease the risk of injury with the athlete. Specific ways we'll try to accomplish this goal includes:

  • Assessment of the athletes to identify poor mobility/stability patterning
  • Addressing specific muscle imbalances throughout the annual plan
  • Enhance their core stability and joint stability through appropriately designed programming
  • Develop the overall relative strength of the athlete

Values & Standards


  • Great ATTITUDE
  • Lavish ENERGY
  • Lasting EFFORT

Standards ABC's

  • ACTIVE - Always Be Active
  • BODY LANGUAGE - Positive & Strong
  • COMPLETE PROGRAM - Finish the Lift