Students Starting Spring 2020

Congratulations on becoming a Sea Gull! We are excited to welcome you to Salisbury University and help you discover all that SU has to offer, from academic resources to making friends and getting involved, to becoming familiar with where things are on campus. Your experience at Orientation will provide you a comprehensive introduction to our community, our expectations as well as provide you all the support you need to transition successfully to the flock!

Starting in mid-November, you can log-in to your GullNet account and you will see the Registration Survey available for you to complete. It is imperative that you complete this survey as accurately and with as much detail as possible. Your Academic Advising Team Member will follow-up with you in early December about your course schedule.

If there are any questions we can answer or if there is any information we can provide, please feel free to let us know! We look forward to seeing you at Orientation!

Orientation Dates for Students starting at SU in Spring 2020 Orientation:

  • Friday, January 24th - Sunday, January 26th
  • Additional information will be available during the Fall 2019 semester!