Orientation Leaders (Gull Squad)

The student staff members play a vital role in our orientation program. Orientation leaders, collectively known as Gull Squad, come from all walks of campus life to serve incoming students and their families during this pivotal time in their SU experience. Gull Squad members possess knowledge about the University acquired through training and experience, and are skillful at sharing this information with orientation participants. This position is a unique honor and a rewarding opportunity for personal and professional growth. Please see the qualifications, responsibilities, and expectations below to see if this leadership position is the right fit for you.

Qualifications, Responsibilities, and Expectations

Time commitments for this position depend upon which program you would like to work. For students interested in working Sea Gull Start-Up, formerly known as Orientation 101, you can expect to return to campus for two and a half weeks in the middle of June. For students interested in working First Flight, formerly known as Orientation 102, you can expect to return to campus a week before classes start in late August. Current students may apply to work for both programs if they are interested.