Salisbury University students on campus

Vision, Mission & Goals


Student Accountability & Community Standards is guided by the belief that a community exists on the basis of shared values and principles. We aim to foster a community, at Salisbury University and beyond, where integrity and respect are the established norm, and where each community member understands that this is a responsibility that must be shared by all. Students, through their interactions with our office, will feel empowered to (re)define their behavior and be(come) responsible members of their community.


Housed within the Dean of Students Office, the mission of Student Accountability & Community Standards is to maintain the integrity of the campus community and foster student learning, development and success by upholding the University’s community standards through proactive programming for the campus community, individual student conversations, alternative resolution practices, and the establishment of a fair and educational framework to address potential violations of the Code of Community Standards.


The goals of Student Accountability & Community Standards are to:

  • Educate members of the campus community about applicable policies, regulations and statuses governing their behavior.
  • Uphold community standards at the University, in the local community and beyond through the resolution of alleged violations of the University's Code of Community Standards through a process that is procedurally sound, community-focused and learning-centered.
  • Provide an outlet for community members to address conflict through alternative resolution practices.
  • Encourage learning outcomes, personal responsibility and accountability, as well as responsible decision-making through the services, programs, and activities provided.