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Rights And Responsibilities

Once you have found a rental that seems to meet your needs, it’s important that you understand your rights and those of your landlord and neighbors before entering into any written rental agreement or lease. Considering the rights of all involved will encourage fair treatment of you as a tenant and a neighbor, as well as develop a positive relationship between you and your landlord and neighbors, and provide good references for your future use.

Tenant / Landlord/ Neighbor Rights

All tenants have the right to live in an environment that is safe, sanitary and free from serious dangerous conditions. There are also provisions which require that you be appropriately notified of actions your landlord may take, such as eviction or entry into the rental unit. Landlords have the right to prompt payment, the right to enter or access the rental unit with prior notice, as well as the right to evict a tenant under justifiable causes. Other protections for the landlord may be included in the lease or written agreement and should be fully understood and agreed upon by both parties before signing the contract. Some of your neighbors may be property owners who have chosen to invest their money in that particular neighborhood. As a tenant, it is essential that you have respect for your neighbors and their family homes. Your neighbors have the right to peace and quiet, especially during odd hours, and the right to a safe and secure neighborhood. Find out more about your rights and responsibilities at this link

Maryland Rental Laws

The link below provides more information on Maryland laws regarding rights, security deposits, leases, evictions and more!

Landlord Tenant Relations: Tips on Avoiding Disputes

Find out ways to ensure that you have a good relationship with your landlord. It is important that both parties the understand the commitments made in the contract, as any misunderstandings can be detrimental to the relationship.

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