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Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program

In accordance with the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 (HEOA), each postsecondary institution in the United States that participates in Title IV student aid programs must annually distribute, in writing, to each student and each employee, information about the Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program. This document includes standards of conduct for all faculty, staff, and students; a description of the applicable legal sanctions under local, state, or federal law for the unlawful possession or distribution of illicit drugs and alcohol; a description of the health risks associated with the use of illegal drugs and alcohol; information regarding local drug or alcohol counseling, treatment, or rehabilitation or reentry programs that are available; and a statement of our disciplinary sanctions for faculty, staff, and employees.

Federal law requires that the University provide the Campus Security Reports to all its students and employees on an annual basis. The Campus Security Report is available online. The report and related documents contain information of a historical nature and include crimes that were committed on campus last year and the two years prior to that. The crimes are categorized for ease of understanding and identification. You can also request a paper copy by contacting University Police located on East Campus at 410-543-6222.

Please take a few minutes to review these valuable documents. If you have any questions, faculty and staff may contact the Office of Human Resources and students may contact the Dean of Students.

Salisbury University is committed to an alcohol, tobacco, and drug-free learning and working environment and adheres to the responsibilities set forth in applicable local, state, and federal laws. All members of the University community, visitors, and guests are required to comply.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program

The University provides education and prevention resources related to the use of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. The University utilizes educational strategies to increase awareness of drug, alcohol, or tobacco use. The University reserves the right to refuse any advertising or promotional activities that focus on the consumption of alcoholic beverages, tobacco, or drugs that might encourage use or abuse.

For the benefit of our students, faculty, and staff, the University complies with the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988 and the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act of 1986, as well as the State of Maryland’s Substance Abuse Policy (Executive Order 01.01.1991.16). The University System of Maryland authorizes the University administration to establish, repeal, and/or modify regulations and procedures related to ensuring compliance with these laws.

  • Health Risks Associated with Alcohol and Drug Use
  • Getting Help
  • Standards of Conduct
  • Reporting Violations
  • Sanctions
  • Local, State, and Federal Law Descriptions Related to Alcohol and Other Drug Use
  • Federal Trafficking Penalties