Women & Money Conference January 15


Morning Keynote Speaker: Angela Heath

Angela Heath

Angela Heath, Gig Income Guru at TKC Incorporated. Angela is a lifelong proponent for helping average individuals earn more, save more and invest more. She has empowered women across the country to change their money story and create wealthy habits.

Your Remarkable Money Story

What is your remarkable money story? Who is the author? Is it your parents, employer, peer group, or spouse? Or, perhaps it’s the clever marketers from your favorite clothing stores. The author, editor and publisher of your remarkable story should be you! This keynote address empowers you to write your own money story. Not only will you reexamine your wealth thoughts and habits, you will also be encouraged to earn more and invest better, one dollar at a time.

Angela Heath, speaker, author and coach shares inspirational yet practical tactics to flip the script of your story and take back your power. Remember the story is yours, pick up your pen and start re-writing or add a new chapter. It’s easier than you think.

Breakout Session: Let the Gig Begin with Angela Heath

(Morning only)

The Gig economy provides $4.5 trillion global business opportunities for everyday people to earn extra income using what they already know. This workshop will show you how to identify what you can offer in the gig marketplace and how to get started. Participants will leave ready to put their skills, talents and passions to work in new and exciting ways.