College Readiness Academy

The College Readiness Academy prepares high school seniors to enter college and achieve success in the next important stage of their life. Students get a look into college life and engage with Salisbury University faculty, staff and current students to learn how to navigate the transition to college, explore potential majors and careers, and develop the skills for learning at the college level.

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Programs are for high school students in their senior year preparing to enter college or graduated seniors.

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  • College Readiness Academy

    Audience: College-bound high school seniors and graduated seniors
    Date: July 13-17
    Time: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
    Cost: $155

    In this pre-college success program, students are exposed to college life and expectations, explore prospective majors and set goals to help make the most of their future college experience. The academy covers career exploration, financial literacy, learning strategies, social and civic engagement, diversity and inclusion, and emotional intelligence. The curriculum is facilitated through hands-on activities aimed at personalizing topics to students’ interests and goals, while preparing all students with the knowledge and skills needed for successful postsecondary transitions.