Salisbury University students on campus

Info for Parents of On-campus Students

When sending mail (whether it be letters or packages) to a student, please include the student's box number to avoid delays. The proper mailing address for on-campus mail is:

Student's name
Salisbury University
Campus Box xxxx
Salisbury MD 21801-6860

Please do not use PO Box!!! The USPS branch in Salisbury has some of the same box numbers and result in delivery delays.

Fed EX and UPS will not deliver to PO boxes.  Please use the SUPO street address instead:

Student's Name
Salisbury University
1101 Camden Ave
Campus Box XXXX
Salisbury MD 21801-6860

The Post Office is centrally located in the Commons Building. There is no mail delivery to dorms, so please do not include dorm and room numbers in your address.

At the beginning of each semester, you can mail some your bigger items (carpet, fridge, etc.) for your son/daughter to his/her mailbox for pickup when you arrive for check-in. We are open extended hours during check-in weekend.

Our hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 8:00AM-4:30PM. There are no weekend hours. So if you mail your student a package late in the week, chances are he/she will receive it on Monday. Also please don't overnight a package for your student on Friday for a Saturday delivery. No one will be here to sign for or receive it. No need to spend the extra money when you can use 2nd day or priority mail.

 When your student receives a large package, it is scanned. A notice will be sent directly to his/her SU email account only. The student will come to our window and we will get the student to sign for his/her package. Smaller packages will be placed in the student’s mailbox with no email notice.

Mail comes to SU at 8AM and 12PM each day. Mail is sorted and placed in mailboxes. UPS arrives between 10-11 AM. FED EX arrives at various times each day.