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Description and Purpose

The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Faculty Learning Community (SoTL FLC) has filled a need for professional development of faculty and staff to learn more about best practices in evidence-based techniques, innovations, and processes to continuously improve student outcomes at SU. The SoTL FLC also provides a place of support and collegiality with diversity of experience and knowledge to address a variety of SoTL-based interests - leading to a richer and broader range of improved outcomes for SU students.

The SoTL FLC, and particularly its SoTL Fellowship, allows for those who may not have otherwise pursued a SoTL-related project or intervention to have the support and guidance to make significant progress on them. Those projects and interventions are, as a standard practice of the FLC, disseminated to the SoTL FLC itself. However, the SoTL FLC also supports its members in sharing their work more broadly to SU as well as disciplinary - or Higher Education - based audiences in the form of scholarship (e.g., presentations and publications). Such work increases the impact of the SoTL members’ work and can also be considered as extra-instructional productivity for which SU faculty and staff strive; therefore, providing evidence and metrics of success to support their professional development as well as promotion and advancement efforts.

Contact to Join

If you are a faculty, staff, or graduate student interested in finding out more about the SoTL FLC or the SoTL Fellowship, please contact the Assessment Coordinator ( Dr. Sarah Winger).

SoTL FLC MyClasses Course

Enroll yourself in the SoTL FLC MyClasses Course and you will have access to all resources and discussion therein.

Support the SoTL FLC

Please donate to the Teaching & Learning fund to support future SoTL Fellows! The SoTL FLC requires financial support to fund the SoTL Fellows, awarded annually (funding-dependent). These faculty and staff fellows engage in the year-long project-based fellowship program - with support from the SU SoTL community. The fellows and their projects help to improve teaching and learning at SU. Their impact goes well beyond the original year of the fellowship and well beyond their projects’ initial classroom or office, since they continue to evolve and are shared more broadly to ensure the spread of their ideas, results, and best practices - across SU.

SoTL Fellowship