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Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

Through the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee, departments, schools, colleges and University committees work together to facilitate the overall curriculum development process at Salisbury University, which concerns General Education, minors and majors for the University’s academic program.

Online Curriculum Management System

Access the online curriculum management system (Curriculog) to submit new and updated graduate curriculum. Separate Undergraduate and Graduate Approval Processes are available to facilitate the following curriculum management:

  • New Course
  • New Major or Stand-Alone Certificate
  • New Track or Concentration
  • New Minor
  • New Prefix
  • Change to Course
  • Change to Major, Concentration or Track
  • Change to Minor
  • Change to Undergraduate Curriculum Guide/4-Year Guide
  • Drop Course from Catalog
  • Suspend Major or Minor
  • MHEC and USM External Approval
  • Other

For each of the 14 Fall 2024 General Education requirements, a unique Approval Process has been created (for both new courses and current SU courses seeking a new General Education designation).

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If you would like to request individual or group training, please contact Jennifer Ellis: jeellis@salisbury.eduPlease include a brief description of the type of training you are looking for (new user, creating a new program, general education, etc.).

Curriculum Guide

Curriculum Approval Timeline

Updated Curriculum Approval Processes are Available in Curriculog on June 1

Curriculum Deadlines for Fall Changes

  • October 1 - Deadline for Initiating Next Fall’s Proposals (Courses and/or Programs) 
  • Mid-December Next Fall’s Proposals Must Be Approved by UCC by Their Last Meeting in December (Pending External Approvals)
  • March 1External submission paperwork must be submitted to the Provost Office.

Curriculum Deadlines for Spring Changes

  • March 1 - Deadline for Initiating Next Spring’s Proposals (Courses Only) 
  • Mid-May - Spring Proposals Must Be Approved by UCC by Their Last Meeting in May
  • Note: All other active proposals will continue in the approval workflow to be implemented in the following year's catalog.

Please Note:

  • April & May – New Curriculum Processes Cannot Be Initiated/Submitted
    Although new proposals cannot be launched in April or May, faculty may work to gather all materials needed for proposal submission. Required information/materials for each type of proposal can be found in the Curriculum Approval Guide.  In addition, proposals that have already been launched will continue to work their way through the approval process during these months.

Curriculum Workflow

  • Originator Launches Proposal in Curriculog 
  • Department Curriculum Committee, if applicable (1-2 weeks)
  • Academic Chair (1 week) 
  • School College Committee (1-4 weeks) 
  • Dean (1 week) 
  • SCED/P12 and/or TEC, if applicable (1-4 weeks for each) 
  • Undergraduate Curriculum Committee (1-4 weeks) *
  • Provost Office (1-2 weeks) 
  • External Review Necessary for New Programs and Substantive Changes (6-13 weeks) **
  • Provost (1-2 weeks) 
  • University Editor (1 week) 
  • Registrar’s Office (2 weeks-2 months) ***
  • Appears in Catalog (September 15 for spring changes; February 15 for fall changes)  

 * General Education courses will be evaluated by the appropriate General Education Oversight Committee (GEOC) subcommittee and the GEOC (2-8 weeks).
MHEC Submission Dates: 1st and 15th of the month
    USM Submission Windows: 8/1/23-8/22/23; 9/15/23-10/16/23; 11/15/23-12/16/23; 1/15/24-2/16/24; 3/15/23-4/16/24
*** Time varies depending on date of offerings and complexity of change.

Purpose and Membership of the Committee

According to the committee’s bylaws*, the purposes of the committee is to:

  • Make recommendations to and receive suggestions from the Provost and/or the chairs of the several departments for the general coordination and improvement of the University academic program; and
  • Approve all additions, deletions and changes in the undergraduate curriculum.

The Committee Has Eight Voting Members:

  • Seven faculty serving three-year terms: two retiring every two years, three retiring every third year, five elected from and by their respective schools/colleges, three elected at-large (excluding librarians)
  • One student serving a one-year term selected annually in a manner determined by the Student Government Association

Ex Officio, Non-voting Members Include:

  • Provost or designee
  • Registrar or designee
  • Academic Advising Center designee
  • Office of Admissions designee
  • Catalog Editor

Should an elected faculty member not be the Designated Senator, a non-voting Designated Senator shall also serve on the committee.

The committee shall elect its chairperson annually.


Individual Approval Processes for each of the 14 Fall 2024 General Education requirements will be available on July 1, 2022