Salisbury University students on campus


Every student who works with our office is impressive and spends much time and effort working on their fellowships.  As a result, whether or not they have received a fellowship, they are always considered SNCFO Alums and should be respected for their commitment, dedication and strengths!  Please email Dr Walton at if you have news for the web-site:

Charles Overholt, Fulbright to Germany 2012

      After an amazing year researching the Hessians in Germany, Charles has returned to SU to help build the future classes of the university and is currently working in the Admissions office and regularly volunteers to help SNCFO.

Niki Kunciw, Gates Scholar 2013

       Having completed her PhD in Chemistry at Cambridge University, Niki is currently on a Post-Doc at NIH before joining the air force in the summer of 2018.

Gavin Jones, Mitchell Scholar Applicant, 2014

     Gaving is finishing his Master's Degree in Peace Studies at Trinity University in Dublin, where he is working on a dissertation on conflict resolution through shared spaces.

Emily Lembo, Fulbright ETA to Korea 2014

      Has begun a Masters program in English as a Second Language at UMBC.

Kathryn Stout, Fulbright ETA semi-finalist to Brazil, 2016

      Kathryn is currently enjoying being in Morocco where she is teaching English.

Payge Jennings, Fulbright ETA to South Korea, 2016; Boren Alternate 2016

       Payge worked at Howard and Prince George's Community Colleges, where she taught ESL.  She is enjoying her year in Korea for her Fulbright and looks forward to starting a Masters degree in International Education at American University in the fall of 2017.