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3D Technologies Workgroup

The 3D Technologies Workgroup is a group of faculty from across campus that have knowledge of or interest in 3D technologies such as 3D printing, 3D scanning, augmented/mixed and virtual reality, and more. We are dedicated to helping faculty at SU bring these technologies into their classrooms to enhance the learning experience for SU students.

Current Workgroup Membership

The faculty members listed below serve as the core group of experts on campus who can help with projects related to these technologies. Whether you have a concrete project in mind, want to learn what’s possible, or would like to add your name to the list, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

In addition to volunteering their time as consultants as needed, these faculty members also work together to coordinate activities and share knowledge across the various units and individuals on campus that work with 3D technologies. If you are interested in joining the group, please contact Steven Binz or Chris Woodall.

Technologies Available

There are several locations both on and off campus that offer services and support to faculty interested in working with 3D technologies. Additionally, some individual faculty members have technology that they are willing to share with other SU faculty on campus. Check out the list linked below to see what’s available.

List of 3D Technologies Available on Campus


If you’re just interested in learning more about what these technologies can do, you can attend one of the regular workshops held by the 3D Technologies Workgroup. These workshops are conducted by members of the group and invited guests, and there are typically one or two per semester. If you’d like to request a workshop on a particular topic, don’t hesitate to let us know!

3D Technologies Workgroup Mini-Grant

The 3D Technologies Workgroup is proud to offer a mini-grant to faculty working on projects related to 3D technologies. To be eligible, the project must make use of these technologies to enhance existing courses by incorporating new learning experiences, or be intended to help in the development of a new course at SU. 

Applications will be open on a revolving basis and will be reviewed as soon as possible after they are submitted. If a proposal is accepted, the Workgroup will reach out to the submitting faculty member to establish a mutually agreeable timeline to start work on the project.

Applications will be available in the coming months. Please check back soon or reach out to a member of the Workgroup if interested.