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General Education Faculty Development

Salisbury University’s revised General Education (GE) incorporates new elements and requirements into our undergraduate curriculum, including clearly defined Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs). To best support faculty as they create new or realign existing Gen Ed courses, the General Education Oversight Committee and SU’s new Center for the Advancement of Faculty Excellence have planned a full-day workshop on January 6, 2023 to kick off GenEduary, a month aimed at focusing our efforts to meet the March 1st deadline for COMAR† area course submissions.

The January 6th workshop (agenda below) will emphasize course mapping, Curriculog, and departmental coordination in the morning and in the afternoon, participants will break into individual groups with representatives from the GEOC subcommittees. Participants* who successfully submit a proposal through Curriculog by March 1st (the deadline for COMAR area course submission) will received $500 in professional development funds (good through June 2025). This workshop will be held in person ( registration here). For alternative course development opportunities, please consider IDD’s Course Mapping Workshops which will be held 11/18/22 and 12/2/22.

Another GenEduary event will be held on 1/20/23 - a refresher workshop for peer review and course submission for all Ged Ed categories, including SU Signature Outcomes (the focus of the May 2022 faculty development workshop). A call for registration for the 1/20/23 event will be sent out soon (agenda below).

“COMAR” categories refer to components of GE curricula required by the State of Maryland.
* Limited to participants who have not yet received funding for participation in GE professional development work

January General Education Faculty Development Session

Deliverables expected: Submission of COMAR category course revision or new course proposal in Curriculog by March 1, 2023. $500 travel award (payable for travel through FY25) will be made upon receipt of deliverable by faculty member who has not yet earned GE professional development funding.